Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oradea, YouTube Style

It occured to me that quite a few of my readers aren't all too familiar with Romania.

Or Oradea for that matter.

Regrettably, pictures (even those worth a thousand words) can only do so much. Sure, they're pretty. But as for getting the quaint European feel? Not so much.

And thus, YouTube:

This one's pretty... well... thorough. Plus it gives you the feeling Romania's a little wealthier than it is. Even still, it captures the lovely Romanian architecture quite well.

Oh! This one's a must. It really captures the landscape of rural Romania.... not to mention CASTLES! The first castle- "Peles"- was the one I took a tour of while sight-seeing (it actually has a fake-out wall-pretty awesome) ... and the second is indeed dracula's castle. Take a deep breath- he was no vampire. Just a king with thrombocytopenia.



Tollie and Tean Bean said...

very pretty. One of the pictures looks like the picture on the post card that you gave me. cool!