Monday, February 23, 2009

Concerning Donations

Hey, it's me again. I've been getting a lot of feed back conerning my letter, and it has been brought to my attention that I didn't make the donation aspect too clear. I'm so sorry about that! Here's some clarifying:
Since I am going on my own, I just figured people could make the check straight out to me. I recently discovered, however, that you can also make the check out to "South Carroll Full Gospel Church", with "missions" in the memo, and a note attached letting them know that it's for Marilyn's trip to Romania. That way it's tax deductable for you! Although, I do think it would keep things easier if you could just mail it on over to me.
Sound good?
Please let me know if there's anything more that I neglected to clarify!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heavy Sigh

Today I finally started looking at good old plane tickets. Right.
I knew flying was a costly endeavor, but seriously? It's outrageous. Over one thousand dollars. Which I don't have. Yet.
I was searching via Travelocity... not too sure if that was a good choice (?)
Ok guys, any suggestions on how to search for plane tickets?
Marilyn needs you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Banana Nut Cheerios- Review and GIVEAWAY!

Cereal's great.
There's nothin' in the world like that grainy crunch in a splash of milk.
Really, there's something just so familiar and cozy about it. And its good to know that the good folks over at General Mills hold your cereal cravings high on their priority list.
I mean, after all, they are the ones who brought you the Cheerio. And what's not to love?
They have watched and observed tirelessly to discover trends in America's love for cereal snacking. And their latest discovery? Why, this: that there is nothing that goes better with a bowl of the best cereal than a little fruity flavor. I mean, come on, ya got the oats, the creaminess, and what's left? Some refreshing fruit, of course!
There are plenty of people who have implemented this fruit concept into their pre-cereal prep work. And now, your friendly-neighborhood Cheerio is going to relieve you just a bit :)

Introducing.... all new, 100% naturally flavored
Banana Nut Cheerios!!!

Banana Nut Cheerios combine the whole grain goodness of Cheerios with the great taste of real banana - a breakfast your whole family will love!
Yes, I said it- REAL BANANA. Not some fake banana wanna-be. And boy oh boy, is it tasty!
I have found this thing hit home with me in more than one way. So, I'm going to break it down for you.

Tasty. I'm serious, these have they perfect amount of banana tastiness to perfectly compliment the already wonderful Cheerio flavor. I love it! Really, truly- my new favorite.

Nutritionally Savvy. Not only to they taste great, there good for you! Here's the run down:

  • Each serving of Banana Nut Cheerios comes equipped with 8 grams of whole grains, only one gram of fat, and absolutely no saturated or trans fat. Yes, my friends, they call this heart healthy.
  • Banana Nut Cheerios are packed full of vitamins A, C, D, B6 and B16, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Check plus.
  • Real banana. yep, the ingredients actually read (now, get ready for this) "banana puree". Enough said.

So, yes, I'm sure you've gotten the hint: I'm fond of these things. Banana nutty-ness added to Cheerios is like whip cream on a latte. And that makes me smile.

So, how about you? Want to give them a try? Well, if you answered yes, keep reading!

I am giving away 3 Banana Nut Cheerios gift baskets!

This prize pictured to the left includes: a coupon for a free box of Banana Nut Cheerios, a fruit basket with an attached banana tree, a bread loaf pan, and two cereal bowls! Yay!!

How to WIN:

You have up to three chances!

  • First, leave me a comment and tell me about what you add to your bowl of cereal to make it your own!
  • For another comment, give your creation a name. Yes, a creative one! Have fun with this!
  • And, for a third and final comment, post a link to this giveaway on your blog! Leave a link to it in your comment. Not into blogging? Email three people (+ me) and share the fun by sending them a link to this review/giveaway!

Be sure to leave me a name and email address I can send a note your way should you win!

Sound like a plan? Awesome. By the way, this giveaway ends on March 1st. Oh, and one more thing: visit for discount coupons, great recipes and additional information.

Have fun and I hope you win!!!


I decided to end this one a little early, since comments stopped comin' in. To those of you who won... CONGRATS!!!!!

Be sure to check back for more fun :)