Monday, November 24, 2008

NEW Progresso Broth Recipe Basket GIVEAWAY!

Here it is! Romanian Escapade's first ever GIVEAWAY! And I rather like it.

Progresso has just come out with a new line of soup broths, that I actually had the privilege of reviewing.

Here is the low-down:

The broth comes in Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken, and Beef. They are 100% all natural, 99% fat-free, and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors. Now, if you're like me, I get pretty happy when I'm eating something whose ingredients I can read, pronounce, and understand. Progresso's broths certainly succeeded in this. Further, it comes in convenient, re-sealable 32 oz. containers. (If you're ever bored- the little snap lid is extremely entertaining. Sorry, just a side note).

My cousin and I made some potato-pea soup, just to try it out. (By the way when recipe nomenclature such as "potato-pea soup" is used, you know we need to hit the grocery store). It was de-lic-ious! I know, you're probably thinking "It's soup broth for crying out loud. What difference does it make?" Let me tell you- more than you might think. It was richer, and much more flavorful than the average powdered soup broth we normally use. It complimented the other ingredients quite nicely, if I might say so myself! My only compliant is that I do wish it came in vegetable.

I may not be a soup broth condesour, but I really do like this stuff! I love that you can add a little broth to practically any dish, just to give it a little extra "umph".
My overall rating? An "A"!

But don't worry my friends, it only gets better from here! You too can have the opportunity to try it out! Here is a disocunt coupon Progresso has provided for their new broth, valid through December 17th.
Now to the Giveaway! I am giving away 3 Progresso "Perfect Recipe" gift baskets- which includes a wicker basket filled with a recipe card holder (with dividers), a set of serving spoons, a spoon rest, and a coupon for a free 32 oz. container of Progresso Broth. If you are anything like me and love new cooking gadgets- this is the prize for you!

All you have to do is leave me a comment with your name, email address, and a brief description of your favorite holiday recipe! On Monday, December 8th I will use a random number generator to select 3 lucky winners! Have fun!
Progresso, in order to add a little extra fun would like to share with you one of their favorite holiday recipes. Here's the link for "Mashed Potato Gratin".