Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They call this stuff FUN-d-raising...interesting...

Well, I do have about eight months till I get going, but there is a lot to pack into eight months, or so it feels at least.

The trip cost (my room and board) is 1000 dollars, and then there's those good ol' airline tickets. (help, Randi!! I need you!) And I'm pretty sure that once you add all those digits together you get something that looks an awful lot like a telephone number.

So, let the fundraising begin! That's when I think to myself "wait, where do I begin again?"

Last time it was car wash/yard sale (didn't work out the best...) and then the spaghetti dinner, and then those friendly little letters. The spaghetti dinner was great (maybe this spring?) and you gotta love the letters. But I need something else!! And ideas?? I was thinkin' a bake sale might be fun...

If you might so happen to conjure up any please please please comment me with 'em. I was thinking I might ask ZiPani if I could set aside a couple hours one Sunday after church, throughout which I might get a small percentage of the bills of customers who mention me. I know, I know, a lot to ask. Pizza Hut does it. I'm a pretty faithful ZiPani customer so maybe they'll pity me :)

Ok, so now it's your turn- let the comments begin!