Saturday, January 24, 2009

**My Fruit Roll-Ups Review... GIVEAWAY!**

I told you guys it was coming... and here it is!

Ok, here's the scoop:

We're all quite familiar with the popular chewy candy with it's fruity flavor... and we've all stopped to wonder how on earth the pictures they impict were selected. Well, my friends, say no more to fruit roll-ups with random pictures, because let me tell you- that idea has been defenestrated. Say hello to YOUR fruit roll-ups. Yes, you knew the day would come and now it is finally here. Your chance to design your very own custom fruit roll-ups! Fun stuff, right? Let me tell you from my own experience: YES. Yes, indeed it is.

I was so generously given the opportunity to create my own fruit roll-ups! What did I think? Let me tell you:

The "My Fruit Roll-Ups" web page makes it nice and easy to pick the design for your fruity goodness. They give you several different templates to work with, and once you pick one, the fun begins. Basically, you can do this a couple different ways- you can upload your own pictures, select some they have available on the website, type in your own text, or do a little of each. If you feel like sticking with their pictures, there are also some fun and festive backgrounds to choose from. Me? I decided upload some of my own photos. You can use up to three... which I did.

The title for MY fruit roll ups: Three Bugs in A Rug. Yep.

There we are. On a fruit roll-up. How seriously awesome is that?!?!
This is a picture of my design... not an actual fruit roll-up (because it was way to hard to capture a picture on a piece of glossy candy).

True, sometimes the pictures came out a bit deformed, but I suppose that's a little predictable for a gooey kinda candy. But let me tell you, they're yummy. And even yummier when you know your picture's on it! :)

All in all- I think this just may be one of the FUNNEST things EVER!! Come on you guys, seriously. You know it is.

Now, I would never go on and on bulking this up just to tantalize you. As always, there's some fun to share!!

If you find "My Fruit Roll-Ups" as fun as I do, leave me a comment describing how you would design your fruit roll-ups, and I shall randomly select a winner Saturday, February 7th at twelve noon. The winner will receive a promo code for a box of 30 individually wrapped Fruit Roll-Ups - custom designed by none other than YOU!!! Yes, for absolutely no cost whatsoever. No shipping, no nothin'. Be sure to leave your name and email address so I can notify should you win!
Happy commenting!