Monday, January 12, 2009

Reminiscing: Episode One

Well, here it is! And no, I didn't forget as I seem to with everything else I promise I'll get to later. Pat yourself on the back, Marilyn. Way to go.

And this is an awesome photo, too. And yeah, most likely I'll say that for every one I post up here, but that's becuase I love them all.

Ok, so see that stain glass window directly to the left of the clock in the tower? I want that to be my bedroom window. Wake up to the chiming of a clock in a Romanian tower built hundreds of years ago in the quant city of Brasov? Oh yeah.

Ok, so the last few days of my trip were devoted to touring some Romanian territory that so many people seem to overlook. And I think that's what made it all the more daydream-ish. We had driven for about 48 hours through mountains and forests, to arrive upon this darling little town. One thing that I think holds true for every bit of Romania is that the more of it you experiance, the farther back in time it feels as though you're in. I really, really love that.

We had hiked up about 200 steps (which really isn't much for a country with no elevators) right up to this gorgeous clock tower that is neighbored by all these little shops and homes, all huddled around an uneven cobble stone lane. Priceless, right?

Yeah, I happen to think so.