Friday, March 27, 2009

[Jaw Hitting Floor]

I do believe there comes a point in the process of fundraising when God just reminds you that He's serious about what you're doing-- and He's going to get you there.
My friends, that's exactly where I am.
These past couple weeks, I've had donations coming out my ears. And today, today I counted them up!

Grand Total: 1,580.
One thousand five hundred and eighty dollars! ! !

I send hugs and thanks to all you guys who are so generously supporting me both financially, and prayerfully. I can't do it without it you!

So.... I'm off to re-explore plane tickets! And after that I'll let you know what we're looking at, as far as how much we have left to go. Even though this will definitely cover the travel, we still have my room and board cost, which is another thousand.

[Romanian for "thanks"]