Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Peles Castel"

Sooooo... my last post sparked a flame. The first couple photos in the second video featured none other than Peles Castle.

If you've ever heard of Romania, it was most likely in relation in castles of some sort. And it's no wonder why.

Say hello to just one of the homes belonging to the late King Carol I of Romania. He was a distinguished Romanian ruler and conquerer of Nation Independence. Upon visiting Sinaia, Peles' hometown, the great King fell in love with the scenery of the land. And there his home was built. It was originally destined as a hunting preserve and summer retreat for the monarch, and later served several busniess purposes aswell. As of late, Peles was donated to the Romanian government and now houses eager sight-seeing travelers.

Alright, alright, enough talk. On to the pictures:

(Peles Courtyard)

(Peles Innercourt)

Gorgeous, isn't it?!

[anything intelligent that I may have said above came from none other than wikipedia]

Oradea, YouTube Style

It occured to me that quite a few of my readers aren't all too familiar with Romania.

Or Oradea for that matter.

Regrettably, pictures (even those worth a thousand words) can only do so much. Sure, they're pretty. But as for getting the quaint European feel? Not so much.

And thus, YouTube:

This one's pretty... well... thorough. Plus it gives you the feeling Romania's a little wealthier than it is. Even still, it captures the lovely Romanian architecture quite well.

Oh! This one's a must. It really captures the landscape of rural Romania.... not to mention CASTLES! The first castle- "Peles"- was the one I took a tour of while sight-seeing (it actually has a fake-out wall-pretty awesome) ... and the second is indeed dracula's castle. Take a deep breath- he was no vampire. Just a king with thrombocytopenia.


Blast Through The Past

Here's one from last year:

vbs. oradea. romania. poor apartment complex built in communistic era. cutest kiddos ever.

enough said.